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The vScan utility avoidance tool has been designed to make buried utility detection a simple and cost-effective process. You don’t need to be an electronics expert to get the most out of the vScan‘s features. Main features and operational controls are in keeping with industry standards so minimal training is required.
The VM-585 is a combination of the popular VM-550 utility locator with the added benefit of a built in Ferrous Metal Detector. This makes it ideal for locating short distance runs such as service drops and to detect buried ferrous metal objects such as buried valve box covers, buried tanks, and manhole covers

The vLoc3-Pro utility locator introduces new innovative tools for locating buried utilities assuring damage prevention while gathering information for analysis.

Sondes are small self-contained battery powered transmitters. Sondes are propelled through non-metallic pipes and ducts and can be located on the surface by a sonde locator or buried utility locator with a sonde mode. Sondes are also built into other products such as a sewer push camera, robotic crawler camera, or attached to a jetter hose. Sondes come in a variety of sizes which ties into how deep they can be located. Different frequencies are available which allow sondes to be located in metallic or non-metallic pipes and ducts.
  • Range of sizes and frequencies for different applications
  • End Caps compatible with popular duct rodders
  • Useable with other manufacturers utility locators
  • Long battery life

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