RT-LAB handles everything, including code generation, with an easy-to-use interface. With just a few clicks of the mouse, a Simulink® model becomes an interactive real-time simulation application.


Customizable Dashboards

Control simulation parameters and visualize the results of your simulation in real-time with RT-LAB’s customizable dashboards, providing at-a-glance indication of the behavior of your model.

Variable Viewer

Group the different parameters of your simulation by categories for a more organized approach and to easily recognize actionable items.

Remote Access

Access RT-LAB remotely from your tablet and mobile device to visualize your results and interact with your simulation.

Alias System

Personalize your work environment and your test scripts by naming the different signals and parameters of your model, to easily identify and gain quicker access to the important elements of your simulation.

Data Integrity Manipulation

RT-LAB now features the manipulation of data integrity sent over Ethernet using IEC 61850-9-2 Sample Values, allowing you to manipulate the data contained in the protocol to push the complexity of your tests.


DINAMO works with RT-LAB environment to simplify and accelerate the task of running flight simulation and to provide the ability to begin the simulation as of the moment in time desired, so that no waiting is required to reach the trim condition.


Dynamic LabVIEW® Panels

Directly in the RT-LAB user interface, it is possible to open LabVIEW® panels with controls, indicators and waveform graphs. Signals from the Simulink® model can be dynamically assigned to these graphical elements with an easy drag-and-drop operation, even while the simulation is running. Create realistic and sophisticated control panels made of gauges, dials, scopes and virtual instruments.

Easy-to-Tune Simulation Parameters

RT-LAB automatically manages a user console built in Simulink®. It opens at the start of the simulation to display the desired signals and to control parameters. RT-LAB also has a variable table in order to easily view and modify any data point at any moment. Model testing has never been easier.


Distributed and Scalable Computation

RT-LAB is capable of executing very large Simulink® models, in parallel, with any I/O capability. Its main uniqueness is its ability to easily share the load over multiple CPUs, even between several simulators with real-time communication links. Additional FPGA-based expansion boxes are also used to extend the connectivity with field equipment. With RT-LAB, users get a cost-efficient, scalable and flexible real-time platform, using only standard off-the-shelf technology.

Optimized for Real-Time

The Linux-based real-time operating system incorporates OPAL-RT’s XHP technology for extreme high performance. Without compromising optimal parallel execution, the simulator’s computational cores are shielded from real-time glitches, for jitter in the nanosecond range. RT-LAB comes with an ultra-light backend that guarantees hard real-time constraints, high synchronization accuracy, minimal overhead, and maximal data throughput.

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