OP5600 real-time simulator is the most adopted simulation platform by OPAL-RT’s users in industry and academia. OP5600 combines the performance, versatility and reliability that is ideal for demanding hardware-in-the-loop applications. Whether working within the power systems, aerospace, automotive, oil and gas or other electro-mechanical industries, the OP5600 has the power to simulate systems, while offering all the I/Os required to get your hardware into the loop.


Modular and Flexible Design:

The OP5600’s modular and flexible design is fully customizable to meet the most specific I/O requirements. The chassis accommodate up to eight signal conditioning and analog/digital converters modules, providing 16 analog or 32 digital channels, to support up to 128 fast analog or up to 256 discrete signals. Communication devices from third-party I/O modules are easily connected through PCIexpress expansion slots.

Scalable Solution:

The OP5600 is a high-performance system capable of acting as a single-target system with up to 32-cores or can be linked with other systems to form a multiple-target PC cluster intended for more complex applications. The OP5600 can also be interfaced with several powerful and compact FPGA and I/O expansion units, enabling implementation of even larger models requiring thousands of analog and digital I/O channels.

Simulator Architecture

The OP5600 has two primary sections: an upper section containing analog and digital I/O signal modules, and a bottom section containing the multi-core processor computer and FPGA capable of running the entire OPAL-RT suite of real-time simulation software.

The OP5600 can be configured with up to 32 Intel Xeon E5 processing cores, and comes with a custom-designed Linux operating system, providing the best real-time performance on the market. The OP5600 also provides the option of user-programmable I/O management, handled by a fast Xilinx® Artix®-7 FPGA.

Convenient Monitoring Functionality

The OP5600 series of simulators and expansion units offers convenient monitoring functionality to enable users to scope simulation and I/O signals in real-time, via mini-BNC connectors at all times, without compromise.


Intel® Xeon® E5 series available with
OP5650V3-4 : 4 Cores, 3.0 GHz
OP5650V3-8 : 8 Cores, 3.2 GHz
OP5650V3-16 : 2×8 Cores, 3.2 GHz
OP5650V3-32 : 2×16 Cores, 2.3 GHz

RT-LAB and HYPERSIM suites
RT-XSG support for custom FPGA applications

4x SFP socket, 1 to 5Gbps, duplex multi-mode optical fiber (50/125 or 65/125μm), Xilinx Aurora compatible Up to 5 PCI or PCIe interface cards

Up to 120 3-phase buses by core on 3.2 GHz CPU

Analog – 16 channels per slot (max. of 128 per system)
Digital – 32 channels per slot (max. of 256 per system)

Mini-BNC for up to 16 Analog/Digital channels

Keyboard and mouse
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