• The high power HVA200 Test System is capable of testing cables up to 141 kV (Test Voltage 1.7 x U0). The smallest and lightest VLF unit
    of his class offers VLF (Very Low Frequency) 0.1 Hz standard testing as well as DC output voltage up to 200 kV.
  • The HVA200 system can be upgraded with optional Tan Delta or Partial Discharge Diagnostics Systems. This space saving configuration allows the test set to be mounted on a van or trailer or can be transported in solid transport boxes (optional).
  • Output voltage 200 kVpeak 141 kVrms
  •  Pure sinusoidal output voltage
  •  Output current 140 mA max
  •  Cable Testing According IEEE400
  • Unlimited and continuous duty cycle
  •  Interface: Optical fiber & USB
  •  Programmable test sequences
  •  Upgradable with partial discharge diagnostics and Tan Delta system (optional)
  • PC software “b2 Suite®” with various
    control and reporting functions included
  •  RMS digital metering of voltage and current.
    Automatic measurement of R and C
  •  Automatic load calculation and frequency
    selection (0.01 – 0.1 Hz)
  •  Load independent, true symmetrical
    sinusoidal output over the entire power
  •  Hybrid System
  •  Flexible positioning


VLF Sine Wave: 200 kVpeak 141 kVrms

DC:+/- 200 kV

max. 140 mA

7.2 kVA


0.01 – 0.1 Hz

0.65 µF @ 0.1 Hz @ 141 kVrms
max. 10 µF maximum capacitance!*

3 P + N + PE 16A 230/400 V AC

48 – 62 Hz

9 kVA

AC (VLF) symmetrical and load independent across full range
DC (plus or negative polarity)

Optical fiber and USB

< 900 kg

Storage: -25°C to +70°C
Operating: -10°C to +45°C
Humidity: 5-85 % non condensing

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