The BA100 dielectric oil tester by b2 electronics is a portable Breakdown Analyzer for on-site testing of transformer oil.

The high power HVA200 Test System is capable of testing cables up to 141 kV (Test Voltage 1.7 x U0). The smallest and lightest VLF unit
of his class offers VLF (Very Low Frequency) 0.1 Hz standard testing as well as DC output voltage up to 200 kV.

b2 electronics HVA45TD is an ultra-compact and lightweight VLF Test set with integrated Tan Delta (TD) Diagnostics, in a rugged trolley for easy transport. HVA45TD offers outstanding features in terms of size, weight, safety and ease of use.

The HVA90 insulation tester by b2 electronics is a portable 0.1 Hz VLF cable test system for the testing of medium voltage cables.

With its weight of 127 kg the hipot tester provides an excellent power-to-weight-ratio.

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