Working Standard

Multifunction hand-held Working Standard of power and energy for on site meter testing


The  Working Standard  WS  2×20  is  a  single-phase  (WS 2120)  and  three-phase (WS 2320) precision reference meter for electrical power and energy measurement, dedicated to on-site meters testing. The device can be used also as hand-held unit for local data exchange with smart meters (programming and data readout of meters). The device is designed for operation in single, two and three-phase systems, where it  evaluates  and  displays  all  individual  quantities  per  phase  and  cumulative  three- phase ones as well. Universal inputs can be equipped with any combination of interchangeable precision voltage sensors  working up to 600 V  and current sensors working up to 6000  A or more. Measurement is based on precision A/D conversion and DSP technology and enables accurate high-speed real time evaluation of all main and informative quantities. Beyond  measurement  of  power,  voltage,  current  and  phase  the  device  indicates voltage  sequence,  evaluates  active,  reactive  and  apparent  energy  and  measures distortion and wave-form of measured signals.

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Key Features

  • Lightweight compact size

  • Single- and three-phase versions, accuracy classes 0.2, 0.1, 0.05, 0.02

  • Color graphic display and alphanumerical keypad

  • USB, RS-232 and optical interface for local data exchange with multi-functional meters according to IEC 62056-21

  • Configuration and data stored in high capacity memory (min. 2 GB)

  • Vector diagram and signal shape display (oscilloscope mode)

  • Harmonics analysis in tabular and graphical format

  • LED and TTL impulse outputs with programmable energy proportional meter constant or programmable frequency

  • Enhanced internal database system for tested meters and measured results with search capabilities

  • Enhanced self-adjusting optical scanning head

  • Synchronous differential energy consumption measurement

  • Two universal input channels for any combination of Voltage and Current probes for Power or CT / VT ratio, phase and burden measurement

  • Optional wireless communication interface and wireless scanning head network for simultaneous testing of multiple delivery nodes

  • Enhanced fast synchronization of measured data and configuration with PC

  • PC software for MS Windows

  • Transport case with high protection degree

  • Optional portable printer for printing of results and actual display content

  • Optional universal isolated input/output (relay, logic signal)

  • Configurable user interface (regional and functional modifications)

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