Milli-ohmmeter MIKO-7M(A)

Resistance measurement in inductive and non-inductive circuits in the range of 1 μOhm ÷ 2 kOhm


The instrument is designed to measure DC
resistance in inductive and non-inductive circuits
of 1 µΩ – 2 kΩ including:
– windings of power and instrument transformers,
electric motors, generators, linear compensators
and, other high inductance equipment;
– contacts of circuit breakers, resistors, busbars,
and other non-inductive circuits;
– compensatory, current limiting, and other HV
circuit breaker resistors;
– Cables.

Key Features

MIKO-7M(A) features specialized measurement
modes for different configurations of 5 objects,
taking into account their specific features, while
the user can choose a standard object.
Availability of this function enables
systematization of measurement results, and
ensures comfortable work with the measurement

High level of protection and safety conformity

The instrument has a high level of protection from test cable or mains cable breakdown, EMF of self- induction, and overheat of the test block. Meets the safety requirements of EN 61010-1 and the electromagnetic compatibility requirements of EN 61326-1 to Class A equipment.


In the AUTO mode, a patented automatic measurement method is implemented, which guarantees the highest accuracy of the results in a complex electromagnetic environment. In addition, the use of this mode for the measurement process enables the device to give the highest possible test current which ensures guaranteed saturation of the transformer magnetic system.

Two modifications of the instrument with different types of power

For customer’s choice the MIKO-7M milliohmmeter has two modifications: with an in-built battery (MIKO-7MA) and without an in-built battery (MIKO-7M). The device can also be powered from the mains (≃ 110-220, 330V).

Variable instrument configuration

Depending on the type of object, user can select
special measurement modes. For example, for a
resistive object:
– AUTO: measurement starts automatically when
the measurement circuit is closed.
– SINGLE: the measurement starts by user
command via the START button.
For an inductive object, the user can also select
one of two modes:
– MANUAL: measurement process is started and
stopped manually by pressing the START button.
– AUTO: measurement process is started by
pressing the START button, and will stop


1 μΩ – 2 kΩ

0.1 μΩ

±(0.1%+0.5 μΩ)

0.01 – 10 A

to 200 measurements

USB, Bluetooth

Monochrome graphic
128×64 pixels

60 W

~ 90-253 V, 47-63 Hz
= 127-354 V

270 x 250 x 130 mm

IP 67 (instrument cover closed)
IP 40 (instrument cover open)

from -20°C to +55°C