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  • 1 kV Insulation and Continuity Tester
  • Industrial maintenance
  • 200 GΩ
  • Test voltage: 50-100-250-500-1,000 V

Top-of-the-range three-phase power analyser

The OX 9304 is a portable, stand-alone, “tablet-icon generation” SCOPIX IV oscilloscope with 4 totally-isolated 600 V channels with a 300 MHz bandwidth. It also offers a memory depth of 100 kpoints per channel, considerably increasing the available duration for recording.

Digital ratiometer for transformers

The DTR 8510 is a portable digital ratiometer for testing power, voltage and current transformers.

15,000 V insulation tester

With its site-proof casing, the C.A 6555 insulation tester is used to check equipment insulation during manufacturing, on-site installation work, periodic inspections and recommissioning of installations.

Earth tester offering soil resistivity, earth coupling and continuity measurements

Ergonomic, comprehensive and accurate, the C.A 6470N offers direct access to all the measurements on the front panel by means of a rotary switch.

Ergonomic, magnetized and suitable for all types of cabinets, PEL103 loggers provide all the power and energy measurements simultaneously.

An easy-to-use, high-performance instrument, the C.A 6255 micro-ohmmeter tests the quality of connections with precision (resolution of 0.1 µΩ) through the use of low resistance measurements.

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