AirScout Residential Wi-Fi Tester

  • The ASK306 AirScout® Residential Wi-Fi® Tester 6 Client Kit helps technicians identify the optimum location and settings for the access point of a Wi-Fi broadband router or access point within a home or small business.

AirScout provides an automated solution that surveys the residence from Layer 1 all the way through to the application layer. Providing technicians with a tool that makes complex measurements into easy to understand metrics; enabling technicians to convey to consumers whether their applications are supported where they need it.

Results are stored in a cloud system and are therefore available to other technicians or customer service representatives in the future.

The AirScout ASK306 Kit consists of an AirScout Master Controller, six (6) AirScout client devices and accessories all stored in a tough and handy hard carry case in which they all charge from ac mains or 12 V dc vehicle supply.

  • Multiple client devices (up to 30)
  • “Hands-off” automated testing
  • Simultaneous testing from multiple locations
  • Layer 1 through Layer 7 Active testing and analysis
  • Multi-dimensional mapping on things such as Applications (HD Video, 4k Video)
  • Intelligent channel selection
  • Identifies Optimal Access Point location
  • Application Support on iOS & Droid Tablets
  • Customer friendly on-screen report to explain the whole-home Wi-Fi readiness
  • Automatic “over-the-air” software updates pushed from tablet to devices



Wi-Fi Quality Assurance Tool

2.4 GHz and 5 GHz

  • Wired LAN 10/100/1000 Ethernet

LiIon Polymer 15.5 Wh


2 x 2 MIMO (both master controller and all clients)

11 to 15 VDC, 2.5 A

0 to +60 °C (+32 to +140 °F)

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