Portable Test Equipment

Multifunction portable signal source with integrated working standard of power and energy


The Portable Test Equipment consists of an integrated current and voltage source and electronic reference standard of accuracy class 0.05% or 0.02%. Device is available in three-phase version PTE 2300 or single phase version PTE 2100.

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Key Features

  • Laboratory and on-site meter measurements

  • Easy evaluation of meters under precise load conditions, using the built-in compact current and voltage source

  • Testing of meters with closed I-P links

  • Automatic operation with predefined load points without the need for an external computer

  • Each source channel can be programmed with user defined harmonic content or standardized signal test shape

  • Each source channel can be modulated with programmable Ripple control telegram

  • Independent generation of single or three-phase loading conditions for testing, calibration and verification of meters

  • Active, reactive and apparent energy measurement for 3 phase, 3 or 4-wire, systems with integrated error calculator and pulse output

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