Planet Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Ayk (Pvt.)Ltd. provides an Industrial Automation solution is designed to help set up IP networking in the Industrial areas using the serial port connection. Industrial Automation products line includes Serial Device Servers, Modbus Gateways, EtherCAT Slave I/O Modules and Serial over Cellular Gateways, each of which enables to convert and transform valuable data for further analysis to optimize factory operation and management.

Industrial Serial Device Server

Industrial Serial Device Server

  • ICS-2100T  Industrial 1-Port Serial Device Server

  • ICS-2105AT  Industrial 1-Port 100BASE-FX SFP

  • ICS-2200T Industrial 2-Port Serial Device Server

  • ICS-2400T Industrial 4-Port Serial Device Server
Serial Device Server

Serial Device Server

  • ICS-110 1-Port Serial Device Server

  • ICS-120 2-Port Serial Device Server
  • ICS-115A Serial Device Server with 1-Port 100BASE-FX SFP

Machine Automation

Machine Automation

    • EtherCAT Slave I/O Module

  • IECS-1116-DI Industrial EtherCAT with Isolated 16-ch Digital Input

  • IECS-1116-DO Industrial EtherCAT with Isolated 16-ch Digital Output

Protocol Gateway

Protocol Gateway

  • Modbus Gateway

  • Industrial Modbus Gateway

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