Planet Media Conversion

Media Conversion

Ayk (Pvt.)Ltd. provides an Industrial Automation solution is designed to help set up IP networking in the Industrial areas using the serial port connection. Industrial Automation products line includes Serial Device Servers, Modbus Gateways, EtherCAT Slave I/O Modules and Serial over Cellular Gateways, each of which enables to convert and transform valuable data for further analysis to optimize factory operation and management.

Planet Media Conversion

Media Converter Chassis

  • MC-1610MR 16-Slot with Redundant Power Supply System

  • MC-1500R 15-Slot Media Converter (AC Power)

  • MC-1500R48 15-Slot Media Converter (DC Power)

  • MC-1500 15-Slot Media Converter
  • MC-700 7-Slot Media Converter

10G Media Converter

10G Media Converter

  • XST-705A 10G Smart Media Converter

  • XT-705A 10G Media Converter

Gigabit Media Converter

Gigabit Media Converter

  • GST-80x Series Smart Media Converter

  • GT-90x Series Managed Gigabit Media Converter

  • GT-1205A Dual Media Converter

  • GT-80x Series Gigabit Media Converter
  • GT-805A-PD Media Converter

Fast Ethernet Media Converter

Fast Ethernet Media Converter

  • XFST-80x Series Ethernet Media Converter

  • FT-80x Series Ethernet Media Converter

  • FTP-802 Ethernet Media Converter

Ethernet Extender

Ethernet Extender

  • LRE-101 Ethernet Extender Phone Wire

  • VC-231 Ethernet Extender Phone Wire

  • VC-231G Ethernet Extender Phone Wire

  • VC-231GP Ethernet Extender Phone Wire
  • VC-231GF Ethernet Extender Phone Wire

  • VC-234G Ethernet Extender Phone Wire

  • VC-234 Ethernet Extender Phone Wire

  • LRE-101C Ethernet Coaxial

  • VC-232G Ethernet Coaxial

  • IVC-234GT Ethernet Coaxial

Industrial Media Converter

Industrial Media Converter

  • IXT-705AT 10G Ethernet Converter

  • IGT-900-2T2S Gigabit Ethernet Converter

  • IGT-900-1T1S Gigabit Ethernet Converter

  • IGT-905A Gigabit Ethernet Converter

  • IGT-2205AT Gigabit Ethernet Converter

  • IGT-1205AT Gigabit Ethernet Converter

  • IGT-805AT Gigabit Ethernet Converter

  • IGT-815AT Gigabit Ethernet Converter
  • IFT-802T Fast Ethernet Converter

  • IGUP-2205AT Gigabit PoE Converter

  • IGUP-1205AT Gigabit PoE Converter

  • IGUP-805AT Gigabit PoE Converter

  • IGTP-80xT  Series Gigabit PoE Converter
  • IGTP-815AT Gigabit PoE Converter

  • IGTP-825AT Outdoor Media Converter

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