Electricity Meter Test Equipment ELMA

The Electricity Meter Test Equipment ELMA due to modular concept enables to tailor specifications to specific laboratory demand


The Electricity Meter Test Equipment ELMA is designed to provide automated calibration and testing of electricity meters. It can be used also as energy standard test equipment to verify and calibrate energy standards and reference meters in laboratories. The Electricity Meter Test Equipment ELMA conforms to IEC 60736.
Due to its modular concept enables to tailor specifications to specific laboratory demand.

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Automated Equipment for Electricity Meter Testing

  • The accuracy of the power and energy reference meter is available up to 0.01 %. The reference meter measures all main and influencing quantities inclusive harmonic analysis and distortion of the test signals.
  • The available power and the maximum current of 240 A of extremely pure synthesized 4-quadrant test signal covers the needs of both precision and high capacity testing laboratories. The test signal can be created with user defined harmonic content and predefined signal shapes.
  • The intelligent high resolution Local Evaluation Units use reflective optical sensors scanning the marks on meter’s disk and passive sensors scanning the LED output of electronic meters. The sensors are insensitive to external light condition and possess auto-calibration capability eliminating manual adjustment. The optional optical communication channel enables simultaneous data exchange with electronic meters. The built-in remotely controlled dividers enable to evaluate high constant meters with light impulses up to 1 kHz.
  • The handling system has capacity of several mobile meter trolleys with 20 tested meters each. The trolleys are prepared either for manual wiring of heavy current meters or can be equipped with quick-acting connectors for lower currents. Static version of handling system is also available.
  • The optional precision electronically compensated transformers enable simultaneous test of electricity meters with interconnected current and voltage circuits.
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