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  • Crimps 4-position RJ22 connectors
  • Crimps 4- and 6-position RJ11/RJ12 connectors
  • Crimps 8-position RJ45 (non-keyed) connectors

TEMPO Communications continues its excellence in irrigation system troubleshooting with the Model 24B Station Master Pro. The upgraded Station Master Pro is a portable, battery-operated irrigation system diagnostic tester combining solenoid activation and wire identification. The easy-to-understand LEDs notify the technician if sufficient voltage is being supplied by the controller and the condition of the solenoid.

  • Terminate cable in single punch – including 23 AWG Cat6
  • Detachable light with long-life LED specially designed to focus the light on the panel work area
  • Luminous intensity of the LED is 2200 mcd
  • Finger grips and non-slip rubber-embedded cushioned handle for comfort

The ASK306 AirScout® Residential Wi-Fi® Tester 6 Client Kit helps technicians identify the optimum location and settings for the access point of a Wi-Fi broadband router or access point within a home or small business.

The FSP200 optical fusion splicer uses core alignment technology, which allows the technician to reliably fuse fiber optic cables with low splice losses in as little time as seven seconds. The intuitive user interface keeps the learning curve short and enables the technician to be productive in a very short time. FTTx, P2P installations, and all standard fibers are supported with pre-qualified splicing profiles that can be modified and subsequently stored for more demanding fiber applications.

The DataScout 10G™ – The smart tablet that goes beyond testing! This device features a powerful Android-based, rugged-tablet platform available with the industries only 10G Ethernet and more.

Sidekick Plus Pair Bonded Modem Test Set helps technicians diagnose and troubleshoot problems with twisted pair cable. Easily install, qualify, and maintain DSL services. The Broadcom bonded and single ADSL/VDSL vectoring modem enables rapid installation without reboots.

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