HYPERSIM gives engineers the tools to tackle these challenges by providing a range of solvers and toolboxes specifically tailored to match the strictest performance and accuracy requirements in an extensive range of applications. With its efficient signal processing and powerful test automation capabilities, HYPERSIM helps engineers to model their network and run accelerated simulations on their personal computer before going to real-time for large-scale Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) testing.

HYPERSIM is state-of-the-art and extensively field-tested for both power electronics and power systems. Its open, flexible and scalable architecture and high-speed parallel processing enable the most demanding utilities, manufacturers and research centers to run faster, more realistic tests in order to meet the rapidly evolving requirements of the energy sector.

Main Characteristics

Efficient Data Acquisition & Signal Processing

Create informative charts and quickly perform advanced calculations with ScopeView

Powerful Test Automation

Automate testing and analysis to rapidly generate in-depth study reports in Excel or PDF format with TestView

Unrivaled Simulation Acceleration

Reduce by several factors the time required to complete a simulation

Peerless Brute Force & Expandability

Experience the fastest and most reliable performance on the market

Proven Result Accuracy

Benefit from decades of expertise and validation against field tests and other simulation software

Extensive Application Range

Browse through a large number of example models in various fields of application


Use HYPERSIM to simulate power systems of over a thousand 3-phase buses, in real-time on a single simulator without sacrificing precision.


HYPERSIM provides the best price to performance ratio on the real-time simulator market.


Use HYPERSIM to simulate power grids on CPUs, and for very fast power electronics, such as MMC converters on FPGA.


EMT Domain

Network solution: 5 – 100 μs Switches and converters: 200 ns – 2 μs

HYPERSIM, Simulink, Simscape Power System

9,000 3-phase nodes (27,000 nodes)


75 3-phase nodes @ 50 us (200 switches)

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