CT Analyzer

Current transformer testing, calibration and assessment

Analyze your current transformer (CT) with the push of a button

How CT Analyzer works

  • Injects low test signals into secondary side of the CT
  • Determines the CT‘s equivalent circuit parameters
  • Identifies all relevant CT performance parameters
  • Displays all relevant parameters of the CT and its accuracy at different currents and burdens
  • Evaluates the CT according to the selected standard
  • Determines unknown CT nameplate parameters
  • Demagnetizes the CT after the test.

Key Features

  • True three-phase power transformer test system
  • Powerful device with 3 x 33 A DC or 400 V AC
  • Reduced connection effort as the same connection can be used for various tests
  • Three times faster testing
  • Total weight of 20 kg / 44 lbs – ideal for on-site testing


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