Sidekick PLUS

In addition to the standard Sidekick Plus features, Stress Test, Volt-ohm meter (VOM), Loop Current tests, Longitudinal Balance, Transmission and Noise tests, Open Meter, Load Coil detection, Resistive Fault Locate (RFL) and a Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) we’ve added an optional suite of Wideband Spectrum Analysis tests and an option for VDSL/ADSL sync and service tests. With improved test set up and speed of test and with a longer battery life, the Tempo Communications Sidekick Plus helps technicians get the job done faster, safer and easier.

  • Saves time. Easy-to-use mode selection dial and operation – minimizes training needs and saves time on the job.
  • Versatile. Combines your copper qualification needs with DSL sync and service testing in one test set.
  • Fully loaded. The Sidekick® Plus xDSL comes complete with all you need to perform tests on the copper networks that support DSL services.
  • No modules needed – Advanced cable diagnosis and troubleshooting in a single test set
  • Advanced Dual Trace Pulse TDR (Zero Dead Zone)
  • Resistive Fault Locator (Detects up to 20MΩ)
  • 1GΩ Leakage Test (Insulation Resistance)     
  • Longitudinal Balance Test     
  • Ground Resistance Test
  • Quite Line Noise (QLN) Test
  • Stress Test
  • AC/DC Voltage    
  • Resistance
  • Open Meter
  • Loop Current
  • Circuit Loss
  • Tracing Tone Generator
  • Reference Tone



Install, qualify, and troubleshoot bonded xDSL networks

-70 to +3dBm



1 GΩ at 150V

0 to 5,000 nF (5 µF)

Li-ion battery

30 – 100 dBrnC (-60 to +20 dBm)


Operates at 0 to 120° F (-18 to 50°C)

0 to 82 dBrnC

Telecommunications test equipment


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