Based on Intel® Xeon® E5 processor with up to 32-cores, the OP5031 simulator serves as an ideal master system for configurations requiring FPGA and I/O expansion units. The OP5031 also provides an ideal platform for real-time cybersecurity applications, in which only network protocols such as C37.118 and IEC61850 are required for hardware integration, as well as for users simply wishing to accelerate their offline simulations using OPAL-RT’s parallel processing technology.

The OP5031 includes six PCIexpress expansion slots, to implement high-speed interfacing with other OPAL-RT simulators and an FPGA I/O expansion chassis for larger distributed Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulations. The PCIexpress slots also support many third-party I/O cards, time synchronization and more, all while offering space to add additional Ethernet cards for applications requiring increased network bandwidth.


CPU -Intel Xeon E5 with up to 32-cores, 3.2GHz

CPU-Min. time step of 7 microseconds

Keyboard and mouse


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