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Applications & Features
 It is a part of last mile solution.
 Simple and robust design.
 Wire broken Connector for Telecom Application.
 Easy to install in variable fitting dimensions
both on pole and pillar type. (Friendly work man




Multi Purpose 20 Wire (10 Pair) High Performance Connector


MPC-10P Pillar (made of Galvanized Steel)


Discrete Electronics Technology & Easy Maintenance Adjustable Output Current & Voltage. Adjustable Float And Boost Charging Voltage. Adjustable Timer for the boost charging. Individual output for battery and load. Electronic over voltage/under voltage protection. Reverse voltage protection. Over temperature protection. Output short circuit protection.


Conforms to WAPDA Specifications P-133:95 type A of station Battery Charger suitable for 55 cell batteries @ 150 Ah. Single Phase & three phase input design.


Isolation Transformer TF-1120 ,(230V, 8.7A) ,Suitable for isolated power operation up to 2000VA , Single Phase Input,Isolation Voltage is 2000 VAC Input/chassis and output /chassis for 1 minute. The overall system Leakage is less than 2mA


The digital annunciator unit is used in a variety of applications requiring supervision of alarm and signaling contacts in power plants, substations and industrial process installation. The alarm unit is also approved for use in off-shore installations and marine applications.


The FRK-100212 Temporary Restoration Kit enables network operators to repair Fiber cuts in the field quickly and efficiently. Quick restoration of damaged networks Reduces costly downtime and the associated Loss of revenue and productivity for the Network operator and end customers. This Rugged, self-contained kit includes loose Tube flexible OFC 12x fiber. The closures Are designed for simple and quick splicing.